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Benjamin A. Schmit

You have come to my homepage. Here, you can find out who I am, how to contact me, and what I do.

Who am I?

I currently live in the Casa Iuda Social Centre in northern Bucharest (Romania), my current place of work. Together with a friend of mine, I also own a flat in Mödling (Austria).
Friends are important to me -- you can visit me both in Bucharest and in Mödling, when I am there.
In Bucharest, I live together with employees and volunteers of Concordia as well as some street children. Within the house, we keep a community: At the meals and at the two prayers each day, everybody is invited to come together.

Before joining Concordia, I have studied computer science and worked as a research assistant at the Technical University of Vienna in Austria. Afterwards, I have done my civilian service at the Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung (ÖJAB).

My Work:

Since October 2007, I work for the humanitarian association Concordia in Bucharest, Romania. Concordia has been founded to help street children in Bucharest, but today also has other tasks. Please follow the link for more information.

My task at Concordia is mainly administrational: I maintain the IT infrastructure and I am responsible for some other projects.

If you are interested in my past scientific work, please visit this page.

My philosophy

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My leisure

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The easiest way to reach me is per e-mail. If you want to visit, send me a letter, or talk to me on the phone, this is also where you will get more information.
Note: If you get no reply, I am usually either on vacation or your mail got caught in my SPAM filter.

You get my e-mail address by putting this together (in lowercase): (my first name).(my family name)

This information is outdated — I hope to update it soon.

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